KH Neochem Americas supplies a broad range of high performance products, including synthetic fatty acids, specialty diols, and functional monomers. All based on our unique synthesis technologies, they are key components in lubricants, adhesives, coatings, personal care products and other formulations.

A brief technical overview of these essential products appears below. To view and download data sheets on particular products, click on any of the product names.

While not currently available in the Western Hemisphere, customers in Northern Asia may select from a wide range of products available exclusively from KH Neochem Co., Ltd., in Japan. To view a detailed listing, click here.

Synthetic Fatty Acids CAS No. Chem.structure Uses

2-Ethyl Hexanoic Acid(C8) 149-57-5 2-EthylHex Raw material for lubricant, metal soap, alkyd resin etc.

Isononanoic Acid(C9)3,5,5-TrimethylHexanoic Acid 3302-10-1 IsononAcid Raw material for lubricant, metal soap, alkyd resin etc.

Functional Alcohols CAS No. Chem.structure Uses

Nonanol(3,5,5-trimethylhexanol) 3452-97-9 nonanol Raw material for lubricant, surfactant, cosmetics, etc.

TDA(Isotridecylalcohol) 27458-92-0 C13 isomer Raw material for surfactant, lubricant etc.

Specialty Diols CAS No. Chem.structure Uses

BEPG(2-Butyl-2-Ethyl-1,3-Propanediol) 115-84-4 BEPG Raw material for alkyd, polyester resin etc.

Octanediol(2-Ethyl-1,3-Hexanediol) 94-96-2 OG Raw material for polyester, urethane resin etc.

PD-9(2-4-Diethyl-1,5-Pentanediol) 115-84-4 PD-9 Raw material for polyester, urethane resin etc.

Functional Monomers CAS No. Chem.structure Uses

DAAM(Diacetone Acrylamide) 2873-97-4 DAAM Self Crosslinking water borne resins. UV coatings, etc.

ADH(Adipic Dihydrazide) 1071-93-8 ADH Self Crosslinking water borne resins. Formaldehyde absorber, etc.

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KH Neochem Americas is your single source for premium branched hydrophobic diols, branched fatty acids, monomer packages for self-crosslinking emulsion resins, and functional alcohols.