KH Neochem Company, Ltd. is dedicated to contributing to the productivity and financial success of the industries it serves by supplying the highest quality, most efficient chemical products available. In the pursuit of that goal we will continue to innovate and develop new and better solutions to challenges which our customers face in an ever more demanding and competitive marketplace.
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KH Neochem Company, Ltd. traces its roots to Kyowa Chemical Research Laboratories established in 1937 in Tokyo, Japan. Five years later, the company introduced the first practical application of acetone and butanol fermentation. This groundbreaking development set the stage for subsequent research-driven innovations incorporating the organic fusion of fermentation (biotechnology) and synthesis (chemical technology).

In the decades that followed, the renamed Kyowa Hakko Chemical Co. continued to expand and diversify its activities, applying its unique R&D philosophy and quality product orientation to benefit the lubricant, coatings, adhesives and electronics industries.

Today, KH Neochem carries on that tradition of total excellence, officially changing our name from Kyowa Hakko Chemical on April 1, 2012. We remain firmly committed to advancing our brand values and expanding delivery of the company’s comprehensive products and services to markets around the globe.
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Our New Name

We believe that our new name, KH Neochem, makes a clear statement of what we are and what we will become. First, we are an international chemical manufacturer built on a long, successful tradition and well-earned reputation for innovation and advanced technology. Equally important, our name also projects a sense of newness and anticipation for the global expansion we are determined to achieve in the future.
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The KH Neochem Brand

KH Neochem’s brand reflects management’s commitment to use our solid foundation of chemical manufacturing technology to develop and provide a stable supply of valuable materials and services for a wide range of industries. As a result, KH Neochem will contribute to the enrichment of the lives of people around the world.
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Research and Development

KH Neochem Americas benefits from the complete support of our parent company’s extensive research and development capabilities. These efforts center on providing new, innovative products to serve the specific needs of key market segments. Utilizing our core technologies and synthesis techniques, we are constantly in search of new compounds, which will improve customers’ product performance, productivity and safety.

Ongoing research also focuses on developing the advanced production processes and techniques that ensure our ability to provide a stable supply of high-quality, cost-effective products.
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Commitment to the Environment

In recognition of the increasing threat to our environment and the well being of our citizens, KH Neochem Americas provides environmentally-friendly products, including low-impact solvents and high-safety lubricating materials for refrigeration systems. We have adopted international chemical substance safety standards and work diligently to reduce manufacturing gases and other waste materials that may damage the environment.
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KH Neochem Americas is your single source for premium branched hydrophobic diols, branched fatty acids, monomer packages for self-crosslinking emulsion resins, and functional alcohols.